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Updated: May 18, 2019

We were lucky enough to be selected to take part in Dotted Eight Studios free, monthly, demo recording session on Friday night. So, we recorded our first demo, of our second original piece: Sunday Afternoon. Unfortunately, Henry couldn't make the session but the sensational Michelle Griffin filled in with some beautiful bass lines.

Sunday Afternoon is a wistful, melancholy ode to the fading of summer and the end of the weekend - we all know that feeling, and we really think this song expresses it

in a hazy, floaty, jazz reverie. We haven't released our new baby into the wild yet, but we are unveiling it at our next gig on Sunday afternoon, 19th May at the beautiful Vale Creek Wines Cellar Door.

Sunday Afternoon Pengopuss Original Song
Unveiling our latest original song

The recording experience was energising and motivating and has spurred us on to finish off the songs we have started and serious about getting back into the studio to record an E.P. later in the year. Craig at Dotted Eight was an absolute joy and we can't recommend him and the studio enough.

Here is a link to the demo. Let us know what you think!

Hope to see you all at Vale Creek Wines on Sunday.


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