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Glen Wholohan Pengopuss
Glen Wholohan - Alto Saxophone & Clarinet

Our glorious leader, Glen has been playing in Pengopuss since its inception.  Glen's keen interest in improvisation means he's the man to cheer after solos....

Henry Bialowas - Double Bass

Henry's smooth style is renowned throughout the Central West. 

A fixture in the local jazz scene, and the backbone of the Pengopuss sound. 

Tony Hatch Pengopuss
Mal Kiely Pengopuss
Tony Hatch - Drums

There is nothing about jazz that Tony doesn't know... And he loves to come up with ways to update our style, or put a new spin on an old classic.


Alyson Laver - Vocals

Influences include all the classic female voices of the Great American Songbook: Ella, Billie, Nina, Judy, Peggy, Doris...


Al's style is to keep it simple and let the music and the lyrics do all the work.


Kalyan manning - Piano

Classically trained, Kalyan, is proving to have the chops for jazz & swing. Finding & fixing a slightly incorrect chord in a chart is his specialty, as is bringing the funk to our latest repertoire choices.

Henry Bialowis Pengopuss
Alyson Laver Pengopuss
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